Fagan Design is a creative design studio founded by Chris Fagan in 2008. The Studio currently works in multiple mediums including Architecture, Marine Technology and the Film Design.


At its core, Fagan Design utilizes cutting edge visual communication tools in order to better interpret both physical and virtual spaces. This process gives the studio a comprehensive understanding of the spatial relationships that are critical to every successful design. The end result is an extremely high degree of both innovation and overall quality within every design challenge.


While the studio's body of work has evolved to include many different types of projects, the collaborative creative process has remained consistent. This approach provides both designers and clients a unique platform to better articulate design spaces, new technology products and visual media experiences.



Chris Fagan is an American designer working across multiple digital mediums. His portfolio of work includes projects in residential and commercial architecture, art direction for films and marine technology product development. Chris is the owner of Fagan Design Build Studio Inc. a comprehensive architecture and construction management consulting firm. Additionally Chris was the Co-founder of PowerDocks LLC a technology development firm focused on integrating renewable energy with marine infrastructure products and facilities. 


Chris is an alumni of Skidmore College where he earned undergraduate degrees in both Studio Art and Anthropology. He then went on to study architectural design and drafting at Boston Architectural College. Ultimately, he was awarded a Masters degree in Urban Design and Planning from the City University of New York, City College.





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